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CSExtra – Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Wednesday’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from around the world. Friday’s dual asteroid encounter has scientists and policy makers still talking about the consequences. The International Space Station rebounds from a near three hour communications outage on Tuesday. A National Research Council panel tasked by Congress with assessing the future of  U. S. human spaceflight takes on a new co-chair. Time to get on board? A champion of science literacy in the U. S. takes on his one millionth Twitter follower. The Northern Lights shimmer as solar activity picks up. Merging science and art with JPL’s Dan Goods. Spaceflight inspires a new line of footwear that pays tribute to NBA stars.


1. From U. S. News & World Report: Friday’s dual asteroid encounters, one producing a detonation over Russia and the second a close pass, has Congress pondering how the U.S. and its close allies detect the threat posed by Near-Earth Objects. Are we a shooting gallery?

A. From Friday’s asteroid blast over Chelyabinsk, Russia was a once in a century event, according to an after action assessment sponsored by the European Space Agency.

B. From A widely distributed system of Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty sensors logged a record detection as a small asteroid exploded over Russia on Friday.

C. From The website breaks down last Friday’s asteroid explosion. The detonation of a 7,000 to 10,000 ton object unleashed the energy equivalent to 500 tons of TNT. A breakdown of how that happens.

D. From The Washington Post: Russia has company. A crater in Iowa suggests an asteroid as large as a city block exploded 470 million years ago, according to an esteemed U. S. crater hunter with ties to the Natural Museum of History.

E. From the Milwaukee Journal, of Wisconsin: The asteroid that exploded over Russia on Friday conjures up memories of a 2010 Wisconsin fire ball.

2. From NASA overcomes a near three hour communications loss with the U. S. segment of the International Space Station on Tuesday. The loss occurred as NASA upgraded computers on the space station to expand communications for scientific researchers.

3. From the A National Research Council panel that is examining the future of U. S. human space exploration receives a new co-chair. Mitch Daniels, a former Indiana governor, replaces William Perry, a previous U. S. Secretary of Defense. A  2014 report release is anticipated.

4. From USA Today: Noted U. S. astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has turned to Twitter to promote science literacy.

“It is an awesome responsibility, one that I don’t shoulder lightly,” said Tyson as he gained his one millionth follower.

5. From NBC and Cosmic Log via  It’s encore after encore for The Northern Lights as solar activity picks up this month. It should be a long run for auroral displays across the northern hemisphere, say experts.

6. From The Los Angeles Times: At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, art meets science through Dan Goods, a visual strategist. Goods once drilled a hole in a grain of sand to illustrate the size of the Milky Way galaxy.,0,4377273.column

7. From Nike finds inspiration from NASA and space exploration for a new line of NBA themed footwear that also pays tribute to the sports talents of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

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