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Eyes to the Skies! Starkey the Space Elf

Check out your “app”titude this holiday!

Orbit Logic has announced that their SpyMeSat iPhone app is now keeping track of Santa’s helper – Starkey the Space Elf – who travels through space helping Santa make sure children are on their best behavior!

The SpyMeSat app provides notifications when Starkey or other imaging satellites are overhead and may be taking your picture.

A dynamic map shows orbit tracks and the location of Starkey or satellites with upcoming passes over the user’s location.

Santa’s nice list

Starkey uses advanced satellite imaging technology to see if children are staying on Santa’s nice list.

“We don’t know all the technical details,” says Alex Herz, president of Orbit Logic, “but with an estimated 1 centimeter resolution, Starkey can easily see who is sleeping and who is awake. He can also determine which children are pouting and crying. “

The SpyMeSat app uses North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) orbit data published online and available public information about Starkey as well as commercial and international imaging satellites.

That data is used to compute and dynamically display Starkey and satellite overflights and imaging pass information.

More information

Be advised that, because Santa is not in orbit – more suborbital hops point-to-point — his path is not tracked by SpyMeSat.

You can learn more about Starkey by watching a video or interacting with him in 3D at:

For more about NORAD’s initiative to track Santa, go to:

Find more information about the SpyMeSat iPhone app at:

By Leonard David


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