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Free Downloads! Looking Up at Hubble, James Webb Space Telescopes

Credit: NASA and ESA

Here are two celestial stocking stuffers for the mind and for those still shopping – just in time for the holidays and new year!

NASA has issued two new e-books, one on the Hubble Space Telescope, the other on the still-to-be-launched, next-generation space observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope.

The books are written on a high-school level and can be viewed using iPads with the free iBooks app.

Because they’re about two NASA space telescopes, the Hubble and its successor, the Webb, the books complement each other.

The e-books are highly interactive and include image galleries and videos.

The book Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries takes the reader on a tour of some of Hubble’s most significant science successes, combined with some of the telescope’s technology and history.

The James Webb Space Telescope: Science Guide gives readers great info on how the Webb telescope will reveal in much more detail mysteries of the universe that the Hubble is not able to see.

Information about how to download the books as well as a PDF version of the books is available at:

The link to the e-books is also available on:


Happy holidays!

By Leonard David


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