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Midterm Elections Change Space Assignments

Space Foundation Summary Shows Impact on Space Jurisdictions

Midterm Elections Change Space Assignments As a result of the midterm elections in November, there will be at least 93 new Representatives and 16 new Senators in the 112th Congress. Republicans picked up at least 60 seats in the House of Representatives, enough to give them the majority in the 112th Congress. In the Senate, Republicans picked up six seats to close the Democrats' lead 53-47.

Following the elections, the Space Foundation issued a comprehensive summary of election results showing all the members of Congress who have space-related constituencies and/or sit on committees that have some jurisdiction on space policy. The Space Foundation is tracking the few undeclared races and will update the summary as the information is available. The report explains that even though an office-holder replaces a person who sat on a space-related committee, it does not automatically mean that person will get the same committee assignment. Those decisions will be made over the coming months and the Space Foundation will track and inform on those decisions as well.

See the election report in the Research and Analysis section of the Space Foundation website at

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