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Resurrecting the Scott Carpenter Habitat


Check out our fundraising page for full details and how you can help at:

Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter imagined living under the sea long before Spongebob Squarepants.  So he did, but never in a pineapple.  The first time he did so was in 1965, where he proved he had the right stuff (again) and broke the record of human underwater habitation for an entire 30 days.

Flash forward a few years, and imagine an important space-related artifact named after Carpenter languishing in a warehouse.  That's what we discovered a few months ago when we found the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Habitat.  "You want it, you can have it" said NASA to us (we're the Space Foundation, an international non-profit headquartered in Colorado Springs.)

What We Need
The Habitat is in pretty rough shape right now.  The two floation/viewing tubes are a mess -- one was hacksawed off of the Habitat, the other is partially broken.

Good news!  The interior is in pretty darned good shape and won't need a lot of work.

The exterior needs to be repaired where it's rusted, and the whole thing needs a good professional paint job to restore it to how it looked back in the day.

We also need to have an exhibit fabricated where the Habitat will be displayed.

What You Get
Check out our fundraising page for full details and how you can help at:


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