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Thanks to premier sponsor Raytheon, the Space Foundation Discovery Center will offer free admission to the first 25 military families in line when doors open at 10:00 a.m. on July 20 for the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Celebration. This full-day event will feature a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for all ages to commemorate the 1969 Moon Landing. READ MORE »
Photo of Hall of Fame inductees
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (June 13, 2019) – The Space Foundation is seeking nominations for induction into the prestigious Space Technology Hall of Fame® in 2020. This international program honors innovations by organizations and individuals who transform space technology into commercial products that improve life on Earth. READ MORE »
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The success of the Apollo 11 Moon landing in 1969 made possible our adventures in space today and laid a foundation for future achievements in space. The Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs is celebrating the Apollo 11 Moon landing with a spectacular family event on July 20, made possible by premier sponsor Raytheon. The day will begin with "Breakfast with an Astronaut," featuring former NASA astronaut Duane "Digger" Carey (pictured below), who will share an inspiring story of his journey to space. Other activities will include: READ MORE »
Photo of Buzz Aldrinin space
The Space Foundation's commemoration of the Apollo 11 Moon landing continues with this article by Space Foundation Senior Analyst John Holst about the conclusion of the Gemini Project.   Walking toward their rocket, two astronauts had signs taped to their backs. Instead of victims of a "Kick me" joke, the astronauts were the joke perpetrators with one sign displaying the word "THE" and the other the word "END." The astronauts and jokers, James Lovell and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, were to be the last astronauts to fly in NASA's Gemini Project.   READ MORE »
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The Space Foundation's commemoration of the Apollo 11 mission continues with this article by Space Foundation Senior Analyst John Holst about a Gemini mission landmark. READ MORE »
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A reception for Passport Members and invited guests last night launched the opening of the Space Foundation Discovery Center's annual Summer of Discovery program. This summer's theme is Build! and the activities and exhibits help visitors imagine what it would be like to live and explore on Mars by tinkering, building and experimenting. READ MORE »
Chris Blackerby
In this episode, we meet Chris Blackerby, Astroscale Group COO & Director, Japan. Chris served as the NASA Attaché for Asia, the senior space policy official in the U.S. Embassy Tokyo, from 2012-2017. In that capacity, he identified multiple opportunities for cooperation in the region, served as strategic space advisor to the U.S. Ambassador to Japan and senior U.S. READ MORE »
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (May 29, 2019) - Do you have what it takes to live on Mars? Getting there is one small step, but the giant leap will be living on the red planet. READ MORE »
Alice Bunn
In this episode: Alice BunnWe meet Alice Bunn. Alice Bunn is the International Director at the UK Space Agency (UKSA), responsible for international engagement through multilateral and bilateral frameworks, capturing the wider societal benefits of space programs and harnessing the inspirational effect of space for skills and education. READ MORE »
Photo of astronaut Digger Carey with students
The Space Foundation sent one of its education teams to Huntsville, Ala., this week to deliver a Space in the Community program to six schools there, funded by Lockheed Martin.   READ MORE »