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The space certification program highlights companies and products in three distinct areas: technology, education, and entertainment. You may apply for certification in any or all of these areas, as is applicable to your product(s). Category descriptions and criteria are listed below.


Certified Technology Products - A product or service that directly results from Space technology such that the product exists because of advances in space technology. Examples of certified space technologies include X-1R Performance Lubricants, Global Positioning Systems, Tempur-Pedic Sleep Systems, and Eagle Eyes Optics. Certified Space Technologies comprise the largest group of certified partners.

Certified Educational Products - These products are used in educational environments to stimulate interest and knowledge about space. Education is critical to the mission of the Space Foundation and supporting these products further inspires new generations. Apogee Rocketry Components, Play Attention Learning Systems, and Challenger Learning Centers are all Certified Educational Products.

Certified Imagination Products - Imagination products can be a toy or entertainment product used to increase interest in and excitement for space. Mannheim Steamroller's Music of the Spheres, the NORAD Tracks Santa Web site, and the colorful book, I am a Space Shuttle, I LOVE TO FLY, have been certified as Imagination Products.


Certified products often set the standard for innovation, comfort, convenience and dependability. Licensed use of the seal allows the companies that produce and market these products to tie their business to the excitement of space while helping inform the public of how space exploration directly benefits life on Earth.

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The Space Foundation works closely with NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program Office and public information offices to recognize individuals and organizations that develop innovative products based on space technology.

Certification recognition is available for two, five, and ten year periods. Actual fees are based upon the category or categories for which you apply.

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