Building the next generation of space leaders and improving the quality of education through space-themed programs that improve interest and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

We provide authoritative information on civil, commercial and national security space issues for policymakers, media, industry, academia, the financial community and the public.

The Space Certification™ program demonstrates how space technologies improve life on Earth and makes space more interesting and accessible to everyone.

The Space Foundation educates policymakers about complex space-related topics and ensures that the industry is well-informed on critical space policy issues.

To date, we have inducted dozens of technologies and honored hundreds of organizations and individuals who transformed space technology into commercial products that improve the quality of life for all humanity.

As space becomes increasingly global, the Space Foundation executes an expanding program of engagement across all our enterprises around the world.

The Space Foundation conducts targeted programs to create linkage between the traditional space community and cyberspace.

New Generation Initiatives provide a forum for young space professionals to learn about the business and advance their careers