The Space Foundation wishes to thank the many people whose thoughtful insights, candid input, and shrewd observations helped make this a better report. It is not possible to list all the people whose thoughts and insights helped us throughout the process of writing this report. However, we would like to thank those who were so generous with their time in reviewing an early draft of this report, as well as those who participated in formal interviews.

The interviews were all off-record, not-for-attribution discussions of personal opinion and in no way imply any official position or stance on any issue. The people listed below should not be construed as endorsing the report or being in agreement with its findings and recommendations. We simply wish to thank them for their generosity and openness. We also thank those interviewees, especially past and present employees of NASA, who preferred to remain anonymous.


Bill Adkins
Duane Deal
Tom Koshut
Roger Launius
Howard McCurdy


Norm Augustine
Jordan Austin
Bill Ballhaus
Kate Becker
Mark Bitterman
Kate Blakeley
Michael Bloomfield
Todd Borghesani
Paul Carliner
Bud Cramer
Richard DalBello
Shana Dale
Hoyt Davidson
Toni Dawsey
Dwayne Day
Alain Dupas
Gerald Epstein
Marty Faga

Walt Faulconer
Ed Feddeman
Warren Ferster
Andreas Frick
Leslie Gilbert
Jeff Grant
Louis Grosswald
Paul Guthrie
Daniel Heimerdinger
Henry Hertzfeld
John Higginbotham
Kiyoshi Higuchi
Scott Hubbard
J.T. Jezierski
Brian Kelley
David King
Jeannie Kranz
Harry Lambright

Warren Leary
Joseph Lehman
Michael Lopez-Alegria
Tom Luedtke
James Maser
Phil McAlister
Michael McCulley
Ken Monroe
Frank Morring
Jim Muncy
P.J. O’Rourke
Scott Pace
Gary Payton
Trish Pengra
Pete Perkins
Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu
Gene Rice
Roselee Roberts

Vincent Sabathier
Robie Samanta Roy
William Scott
Kay Sears
Chris Shank
Val Skarupa
Fred Slane
Marcia Smith
Eric Sterner
Julianne Sullivan
Peter Teets
Nick Tongson
Richard Truly
David Valentine
Neevy Van Laningham
Bob Walker
Lyn Wigbels
Stuart Witt


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