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Imergy Power Systems, Inc

Imergy Power Systems, Inc Patron Partner

Company Overview

Established in 2005 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Imergy’s mission is to deliver advanced technology that meets today’s growing demand for economical, reliable and safe high-performance energy storage solutions for stationary applications. Imergy’s proven ESP product family significantly improves the cost and reliability of electricity while transforming batteries from short-lived, consumables into long-lasting assets.

Imergy combines the power of proprietary chemistry and advanced technology to deliver groundbreaking sustainable solutions for storing and sharing energy.

Why Imergy

Low Cost

There are two metrics regularly used by energy storage industry participants to describe the cost competitiveness of an energy storage technology: cost per kWh of storage capacity and levelized cost of energy, or ‘LCOE.’ Using either metric, Imergy offers one of the lowest cost means of storing electrical energy available today. We recently introduced the industry’s first battery using recycled vanadium, which will allow us to reduce the manufacturing costs of our flow batteries from $500 per kilowatt-hour, already an industry benchmark, to under $300 per kilowatt-hour.

High Performance

At Imergy, we rate performance based on cylcle life, service life, charge rate, discharge capacity, round-trip efficiency, and performance under broad temperature ranges. Our Energy Storage Platforms (ESP) has a proven lifespan with no cycling limitations and an electrolyte chemistry that does not degrade over time. The energy storage system operates in ambient temperature conditions from -20 degrees Celsius to +55 degrees Celsius. The ESP provides flexible charging operation with no impact on life or system efficiency - from 0 to 100% state of charge - and operates with a round-trip efficiency of 70%.

Seamless Integration

The Imergy ESP features plug-and-play functionality with power controls and power conversion capabilities built directly into the system. The ESP communicates seamlessly with power electronics technology and energy management software to provide a customizable energy storage solution that works with any application, seamlessly integrating with all renewable or grid resources.

Safe and Environmentally Responsible

The desire for clean energy solutions has never been greater. Whether it’s simply to cut costs and provide energy reliability, or to shift to more sustainable, renewable resources, corporations and communities everywhere seek viable new energy-storage technologies. Imergy’s ground-breaking Energy Storage Platform (ESP) provides an affordable energy storage solution that dramatically reduces the physical dangers and environmental toxicity inherent in traditional batteries. The ESP is constructed with non-flammable, non-explosive materials, and a ground-breaking electrolyte made from recycled vanadium which has no cycling limitations and does not degrade over time.

Reliable, Affordable Power: Toward a Greener Future

With its industry leading cycle performance, quick response, high energy density, reliability and scalability, the Imergy ESP is the foundation of consistent, reliable and affordable power.

Find out how Imergy Power Systems can help your company transition to a reliable, cost-effective, and green energy solution for all of your mission-critical applications. Visit Imergy Power Systems today at

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