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About Certified Products

The Space program has captured the imagination of the world since its inception.

Over the last fifty years, many of the technologies developed to help get us "out there" have come home to help improve life for all of us here on Earth. As part of the Space Foundation mission to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable, and propel humanity, the Space Certification Program was created in cooperation with NASA to help improve public awareness and appreciation of the many practical benefits that we enjoy thanks to space technology.

The Space Certification Program awards a "seal of approval" to companies whose products and services can demonstrate a viable link to the space program. Often referred to as "spinoffs", there are literally thousands of products and services that incorporate space technology including satellite television and radio, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, cellular communications, advanced industrial lubricants, robotics, plastics, and a long list of life improving and life saving medical technologies.

Certified products often set the standard for innovation, comfort, convenience and dependability. Licensed use of the seal allows the companies that produce and market these outstanding products to more closely tie their business to the excitement of space while helping inform the public of how space exploration directly benefits life for all of us right here on Earth.

Certified Product Categories

Certified Technology Product
A product or service that directly results from Space technology or space program development such that the product exists because of advances in space technology. Examples of certified space technologies include Eagle Eyes Eyewear, Outlast Phase Change Materials, GPS, and Tempur-Pedic foam mattresses. Certified Space Technologies comprise the largest group of certified partners. 
Certified Educational Product
A product used in educational environments to stimulate interest and knowledge about Space. Education is key to the mission of the Space Foundation and supporting these products inspires each new generation. Challenger Learning Centers are a prime example of a Certified Space Educational Product. With over 50 certified locations, Challenger Centers allow thousands of schoolchildren to participate in shuttle mission simulations. 
Certified Imagination Product
A toy or entertainment product used to increase interest in and excitement for space. The colorful book "I Am A Space Shuttle, I LOVE TO FLY" has been certified as a Space Imagination Product because it tells the Space Shuttle story in a way that inspires new generations to take an active interest in space.

Eagle Shield
Astronaut Foods and Astronaut Ice Cream
Salt Cases, LLC
Advance Flexible Materials/Heatsheet
Aribio - the Bridge of Life Science
NORAD Tracks Santa
Intergalactic Education
Space Boy and His Dog
Saber Astronautics
Sputnik's Child, a novel by Fred Ledley
The Carpet and Rug Institute
Little Mary Sunshine LLC

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