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Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI)

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EZVI, a NASA patented emulsion of zero-valent iron, oil and water, was originally developed by NASA as a way to eliminate ground pollutants, more specifically dense nonaqueous liquids (DNAPL’s), in groundwater and soils.   This patented oil in water emulsion creates a micellular structure which mimics the physical chemistry of DNAPL, making the technology fully miscible with contaminants in-situ.  This unique hydrophobic emulsion sequesters and destroys DNAPL, chemically reducing the contaminant to non-toxic ethane and water.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Developed/patented by NASA

  • Field-tested by the U.S. EPA under the SITE Program

  • Primarily used for in-situ DNAPL source area destruction

  • Typical source concentration decrease ~90+% within 3 months

  • Surfactant-stabilized water-in-oil emulsion with zero-valent iron particles

  • Hydrophobic, dense emulsion absorbs DNAPL, delivering contaminant to iron

  • In-situ chemical reduction of chlorinated solvent to ethene and water

  • Injection or soil mixing using conventional technologies

  • Does not promote mobilization of DNAPL

    EZVI Awards:

  • 2007 Induction into the Space Technology Hall of Fame

  • 2006 Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Excellence in Technology Transfer

  • 2005 NASA Government Invention of the Year

  • 2005 NASA Commercialization Invention of the Year

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Space Technology

Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductee

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