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Water Purification Systems

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Water Security systems use water purification technologies developed for NASA and employed on all space shuttle missions. Space Certified Microbial Check Valve ® (MCV) is an iodinated resin which consistently kills over 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses found in contaminated water. The Unibed filter is a series of discrete sub-beds of ionic and non-ionic sorbents which can be sequentially positioned and sized for the most efficient removal of specific or classes of contaminants. Iodosorb is a patented, ion exchange resin that removes virtually all residual iodine and iodide from the product water. Its unparalleled efficiency in doing so makes iodine-based disinfection a practical solution in the commercial and consumer arenas. Water Security systems can be built in virtually any size from small counter top units to medium sized institutional installations. Water Security's focus is developing and marketing leading edge technology in water purification systems. One billion people in the world lack access to safe drinking water. By combining the benefits of chemical adsorption, ion exchange, ultra-filtration and nano-filtration processes, Water Security products yield safe, healthy, good tasting water from the most challenging water sources. From the kitchen counter to rural villages in developing countries we apply space age technologies to solve the world's water problem.

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