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NASA and ESA Technology Transfer Programs

The Space Foundation is a leader in space awareness activities, trade association services, research and analysis for the global space industry, and educational enterprises that bring space into the classroom.


The Space Foundation works closely with NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program Office and public information offices to recognize individuals and organizations that develop innovative products based on space technology. In addition to becoming active partners in the Space Certification Program, a number of these individuals and organizations are inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame at, which helps showcase the significant contributions that space technology has made to improve the quality of life for everyone around the world.

As allied organizations, the Space Foundation and NASA strive to improve public awareness and appreciation of the practical benefits of space exploration. Many of the technologies recognized in the Space Certification Program will also be found on various NASA Web sites as well as within the pages of Spinoff Magazine.

The expanding collaboration between the Space Foundation, NASA, and the private sector supports the commercialization of space-based technologies. The benefits are enjoyed throughout the global economy in the form of improved services and technologies in the fields of health and medicine, transportation, public safety, consumer goods, environmental resources, computer technology, and industry.

Useful Links

Spinoff Magazine
Spinoff is NASA's annual premier publication featuring successfully commercialized NASA technology. For more than 40 years, the NASA Innovative Partnerships Program has facilitated the transfer of NASA technology to the private sector, benefiting global competition and the economy. Since 1976, Spinoff has featured between 40 and 50 of these commercial products each year.

Innovative Partnerships Program Office
The Innovative Partnership Program Office (IPPO) provides needed technology and capabilities for NASA's mission directorates programs and projects through investments and partnerships with industry, academia, government agencies, and national laboratories. The IPPO supports all mission directorates and has program offices at each of the NASA centers. Technology transfer through dual-use partnerships and licensing also reates many important socio-economic benefits within the broader community.

European Space Agency Technology Transfer Program


The main mission of the Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) is to demonstrate to Europe’s citizens some of the benefits of the European Space Programme and to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry.
European industry is strengthened by encouraging the beneficial as well as commercial use of space technologies for non-space applications which in turn leads to innovative products and the generation of new jobs within Europe,

Space research has focused on developing and perfecting technologies and processes to unprecedented levels to ensure they can cope with the very harsh nature of space. Technologies and components for space are characterised by:

- low weight
- strength and durability
- efficiency and reliability
- compactness
- temperature resistance
- radiation resistance
- corrosion resistance

Space technologies fall into many categories: materials (composites, alloys, metals); hardware and software; automation and robotics; electronics, sensors and optics; communications; power and energy devices.

Much of this technology can be transferred to new and often highly beneficial applications on Earth – particularly those which improve everyday life. The range of these applications is enormous and ESA’s Technology Transfer and Promotion Office, now called the Technology Transfer Programme Office, was established in 1990 to facilitate technology transfer from space technologies to terrestrial applications and the commercialisation of such applications.

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