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Inspire, Enable, Propel

Terms and Fees

Your participation is our primary goal. It is also the key to achieving the Space Certification Program goal of providing special recognition for your business and improving public appreciation of the practical benefits of space exploration.

Certification recognition is available for two, three and five year periods. Actual fees are based upon the category or categories for which you apply. Your completed application is the first step toward determining an appropriate fee. We will work with you to ensure that your participation is as affordable as it is beneficial.

All fees sustain the vital efforts of the Space Certification Program and the Space Foundation’s Educational programs which support teachers and PreK-20 students using standards-based curriculum that integrate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) into all content areas.

Investing in educational success plays a critical role in our mission to inspire, enable, and propel humanity.

Eagle Shield
Advance Flexible Materials/Heatsheet
Intergalactic Education
Space Boy and His Dog
Astronaut Ice Cream and Foods
NORAD Tracks Santa
Sputnik's Child, a novel by Fred Ledley
Little Mary Sunshine LLC
Aribio - the Bridge of Life Science
Saber Astronautics
Salt Cases, LLC

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