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The fundamental research and development that makes it possible for us to explore the universe also makes our lives safer, more eco-friendly, more comfortable and more productive.The list of technologies originally developed for space that affect our everyday lives is mindboggling: GPS, cordless tools, medical and chiropractic diagnostic equipment, ceramic hair straighteners, oil spill clean-up...
Most people don't have a clue about how much of their daily lives are improved by space innovations, things that were originally developed to complete space missions, safely launch rockets, keep astronauts healthy, make routine tasks possible in microgravity, conduct complex experiments, now used to make us safer, healthier, more comfortable and more efficient.Before you ask if it really matters...
Psoria‐Shield™ Inc., has launched sales for its flagship medical device, the Psoria‐Light™ deep UV LED targeted phototherapy device for treating psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and other UV‐treatable skin disorders.Recognized by the Space Foundation as a Certified Space Technology™, the Psoria‐Light™ patent‐pending innovation uses advanced deep UV LED technology originally developed for NASA, the...
Space Certification Corporate Patron Partner and 2010 Space Technology Hall of Fame® Inductee Eagle Eyes Optics® is one of the sponsors of Prevent Blindness America's Most Beautiful Eyes Contest, which gives children across the United States the chance to become the face of the Star Pupils program in 2012 and win a $25,000 scholarship.Parents of children up to age to 17 can enter by...
Space Foundation Space CertificationTM Partner Psoria-ShieldTM has been selected by Space Florida and the (Florida) Technological Research and Development Authority (TRDA) to present at the I2 (Igniting Innovation) Capital Acceleration Showcase Sept. 7 in Cape Canaveral, Fla. Tampa-based Psoria-ShieldTM is one of only 10 companies chosen from among 62 Florida technology firms that applied to...
With Florida and Texas soaking in the disastrous BP oil spill, Space Certification Program partner and 2008 Space Technology Hall of Fame® Inductee UniRemInc offered to demonstrate how its unique Petroleum Remediation Product (PRP) could help clean up the despoiling oil. There were no takers.Now Montana is suffering with the Yellowstone River Exxon oil...
As you prepare for Independence Day festivities, look to space to help you find the beer!The 5th Edition Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado, published by Motion Pixel Lab, Inc., and recognized by the Colorado Springs-based Space Foundation's Space CertificationTM program as a Certified Imagination Product, is on the shelves now.The 27" X 39" full-color map "pintpoints" the locations of 142 brewing...
What happens when electronics overheat? The short answer is: nothing good. In microgravity, natural convection does not occur, which makes cooling equipment a challenge. So how do you keep electronic and computer components from overheating in space -- especially on non-rotating satellites where one side is constantly exposed to extreme solar temperatures and one side freezes in constant shadow?...
NORAD Tracks Santa, which is designated by the Space Foundation as a Certified Imagination ProductTM, logged a record number of phone calls and emails on Christmas Eve 2010.The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) runs the program, which for more than 50 years has tracked Santa and provided updates to children around the world. Certified Imagination Products, one of three Space...
Space exploration and development have produced remarkable products that make life on Earth better, safer, more eco-friendly, healthier and more fun.  Click here to watch a fun animation on how that plays out in the universe.Healthcare, communications, travel and entertainment; all benefit directly from technology originally developed or improved for space exploration. Technologies...


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