History of the Space Technology Hall of Fame

Created by the Space Foundation in 1988, the Space Technology Hall of Fame® recognizes the life-changing technologies emerging from global space programs; honors the scientists, engineers and innovators responsible; and communicates to the public the importance of these technologies as a return on investment in space exploration.

In addition to affording innovators much-deserved recognition, this program serves to encourage further innovation. Inducted technologies comprise life-saving medical devices including the Debakey Blood Pump, the automatic external defibrillator, non-invasive breast biopsy technology, MRI and CAT scan imaging, anti-shock garments and remote medical monitoring devices.

Recognized satellite technologies that power telecommunication include cellular phones, terrestrial networks and commercial satellite broadcast television and radio communications.

Health improvement technologies include LASIK eye surgery, implantable pacemakers and hearing aids and many other devices that improve the daily quality of life for millions.

There are many technologies deserving of recognition, and we invite you to submit your nominations for induction into the Space Technology Hall of Fame®.