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Everest Jacket

Meet the Everest Jacket from 13-ONE. Each of the Everest Jackets uses the same Radiant Barrier Technology developed by NASA to protect astronauts from the extreme temperature fluctuations in space. This material is made by applying vaporized aluminum to a plastic sheet. Radiant Barrier material reflects radiation and insulates up to 90% of heat energy. Hema Nambiar, the founder of 13-One, is an entrepreneur, runner, and mother of three. After multiple surgeries including a new synthetic diaphragm, Nambiar ran a half marathon to regain her strength. When she finished, she was given a Heatsheet blanket made from Radiant Barrier Technology. Heatsheets, which are also a Space Certified Technology, are often given to participants of long-distance running events at the finish line to help them retain body heat and prevent hypothermia. During an endurance activity, like a 13.1-mile run, the core body temperature rises and people begin to sweat to shed heat. When the runner is finished, they risk becoming hypothermic because they are still sweating but no longer maintaining their core temperature, hence the need for Heatsheets. It was at the finish line, wrapped up in a Heatsheet blanket, that Hema Nambiar had an epiphany, “We all wore our shiny space blankets as proof of our victory.  It’s that feeling of triumph I hope to capture in my sportswear collection incorporating the same space technology.” These lightweight, sturdy, waterproof jackets are a great item for any outdoor enthusiast looking to stay warm without being weighed down.
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