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Drinker’s Guide to Colorado

A must-have for tourists and natives alike, Drinker’s Guide to Colorado offers comprehensive information about the best craft breweries, microbrews, taprooms, historic bars, and outdoor activities in the state. Colorado is known for its vast number of unique craft breweries that offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. With Drinker’s Guide to Colorado there is no need to worry, as anything you need to know about good drinks is right in the palm of your hand. The book also comes with more than $150 in coupons valid at bars and breweries throughout the state! In terms of outdoor fun, Drinker’s Guide to Colorado also has a list of state and national parks, hiking spots, ski areas, mountain passes, and more. Radar and GPS mapping were utilized to add an accurate list of Colorado’s mountains over 14,000 feet in altitude. Anybody living in or visiting Colorado who also has a taste for great beer needs their own guide—just be sure to consume responsibly.
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