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Mission Spaceflight enables all who are interested in taking steps towards the stars. From participants to “space jacks” (construction workers), to astronaut hopefuls. The first commercial spaceflight training course in the Pacific Northwest opened for enrollment in April 2019. This course will cover further introductory topics such as: pressure suit history, flight physiology, and response to emergency spaceflight situations. Through the four-day course participants log several hours in Pacific Spaceflight IVA spacesuits, learning how to work comfortably at suit pressures. Students also train for a variety of off-nominal scenarios, including water landing and capsule egress. Learning compliance with Code of Federal Regulations standards (14 CFR 460.51 spaceflight participant) for such emergency situations. Staff have undergone extensive space suit training in the Northwest and at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. With their access to commercial space pressure suits the class curriculum has been accredited by Western Colorado University as a 1-credit course.