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III4Me, Inc.

The Adventures of Sunkmania Galaxy (SMG) Comic Book Series was launched in 2018. Collier, the elementary-school-age Chief Visionary Officer, created the series as a way to deal with and overcome social, verbal, and physical bullying. The series follows five galactic superheroes as they rescue planets from the attacks of bullies. The heroes also explore the vast expanse of the galaxy, discover new alien lifeforms, and create new technology to use in outer space. SMG combines James’ love for outer space, his artistic expression, and his passion for helping kids. It introduces young readers to space terminology and concepts, and each issue is packed with action, humor, and practical information that kids can use when confronted by bullying.

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III4me, Inc. (pronounced three-four-me), is a new company that offers kids ages 5 to 12 an anti-bullying approach… Learn More