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Little Mary Sunshine LLC books

‘Noah’s Moon‘

It all began when wee Noah had a fussy evening and Nana decided to walk him out into the night air to help him feel better.  Big brother Joshua eagerly tagged along – his third grade class was learning all about the moon and he wanted to share his new knowledge with Noah and Nana.  A tender and wonderful exchange ensues and for many afterward the threesome rejoins with the indigo velvet nighttime sky to discover the beauty and mystery of our intrepid companion in the solar system.  Richly illustrated with oil pastels on paper by Nora Suárez.  Faithfully reproduced on acid-free paper.

‘Oh, No, Pluto!‘

A whimsical look at why planet Pluto was demoted by pesky astronomers who kept peering through their telescopes finding larger objects in space!

This charming little book peeks into the dynamic of the name change for our little (formerly) ninth planet and explains with wit and accuracy and rhyme the truth behind the transition from planet to dwarf planet.