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Play Attention

NASA developed brain exercises to improve the attention spans of pilots during long flights. Peter Freer, a teacher, believed he could use the same concept to help children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He took this feedback-based technology and combined it with brain games to create Play Attention. The Play Attention program includes Executive Function training in working memory, spatial memory, short-term memory, planning, finishing tasks, attention, and more. The program comes with a device that the user wears around their arm which sends feedback to the computer signaling signs of focus or distraction. The more focused the user is, the faster the program continues forward. Unique Logic and Technology Inc. also provides a physical exercise routine, diet plan, counseling, and parent coaching all geared toward helping patients.

To hear from Peter Freer and hear a first hand testimony from an accomplished educator, listen to the Space4U podcast. For more information, or to purchase Play Attention check out

Play Attention was developed by a teacher who faced the same struggles you’re facing right now.  Inspired by… Learn More