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Salt Cases "Salt Bloc" thermally protective shield

Metalized polyethylene terephthalate (MPET) was created by NASA to insulate astronauts from radiation and heat. MPET is used on spacecraft and in spacesuits to protect lifeforms and electronics alike from dangerous radiation and temperature fluctuations. Nick Blanton, an avid outdoorsman, realized that he could utilize this technology to protect phones and other personal electronic devices from extreme temperatures that cause gradual damage and wear. Blanton was an Eagle Scout and remembered using emergency blankets that were made with MPET technology, so he decided to apply this concept to creating phone cases that prevent devices from losing battery life or experiencing other malfunctions from exposure to temperatures above 95ºF and below 32ºF.
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Company: Salt Cases, LLC

Using NASA “space blanket” technology, Salt Cases developed “Salt Bloc,” a thermally protective shield for handheld and portable… Learn More