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YES! I want to inspire curiosity and excite minds!

Thank you note from Michael, a 6th grader in Colorado whose class took a field trip to the Space Foundation Discovery Center:

Dear Space Foundation staff,

Thank you for letting us visit. It was fascinating. The displays are breathtaking. With the hands on project, I learned how small some planets are compared to the Sun. I also learned about how little our star is compared to others which are over 100 times larger. The scale models of the Space Shuttle are fantastic. I like how one of the boards show a human compared to the Space Shuttle. It was amazing how big it is. I hope I can come back soon.




Thank you note from Nalini, Principal at Vidya Valley School in India.

We had the pleasure of providing her students with our ‘Audience with an Astronaut’ program:

Dear Bryan,

October 4th, 2013 will go down as a Red Letter Day in the history of Vidya Valley!

What an exciting day it has been! The students and teachers of Vidya Valley had never dreamed that we would be in a chat session with a 'living, breathing Astronaut’ sitting in a small city in India.

The excitement had been mounting over the week. There was some disbelief. Would it really happen? Yesterday when we gave the notices to the children saying they had to be in school early on Friday the students said, 'Wow'. In the language of the children of today it said everything!

D-Day, today, we arrived in school at 6:50 am! That means every child had to be at his/her bus-stop at 6 am in the morning. We had no absentees. It is not every day that you have the honour of 'meeting' an Astronaut such as Dr. Leroy Chiao!

 Dr. Chiao was most engaging in his replies to the students. He explained all the queries of the children with interest and patience. We could have carried on had it not been so way beyond your bedtime!!

 I am sure all are hooked to planning a visit into Space! Thank you so much for helping us to stay connected and organising this wonderful event.

 I extend my appreciation to all on your team and a special 'Thank You' to Dr. Chiao from the Vidya Valley Family. I hope you can visit Vidya Valley some day.

Warm regards,

Nalini Sengupta
Vidya Valley


 Article from The Times of India newspaper about Dr. Chiao’s video conference.


YES! I want to inspire curiosity and excite minds!

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