Tech Track Paper Archive

Tech Track Papers Archive

2019: Future Space

Mike Martensen
Most of us are familiar with the so-called “Pareto Principle”, the theory that 80% of the results derived from 20% of the activity in a given process. This is also known as the “rich-get-richer” principle or the “Matthew Principle” (“For to everyone that has shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him, that has not shall be taken away even that which he has.” Matthew 25:29), and is a natural phenomenon confirmed countless times in various peer-reviewed experiments and observations. READ MORE »

2019: Space Policy

Richard Zelenka
Data obtained or derived from space assets has enabled many current products and services, from GPS-driven apps dependent on precise geolocation to supply-chain inventory management systems driven by space-borne imagery. Businesses must access and analyze an exponentially-higher data volume from today, with data frequently obtained from low-Earth orbit small satellite constellations. READ MORE »
Jack Stuart
“If you build it, he will come.” Many of us are familiar with this famous line from the movie, “Field of Dreams”, the modern-day utopian fantasy about idealistic dreams and their fulfillment. But we – the tech-focused innovators – do not live in that dream world, but rather in the real world. And in the real world (especially in the incredibly expensive world of space), “if you build it” and your customer doesn’t come, it’s over: Your company is done. Want to ensure your customer will come? READ MORE »

2019: Mission Assurance

McClain Goggin
Abstract:    Orbital rendezvous is a critical element of missions to perform satellite servicing, active debris mitigation, in-space manufacturing, cargo and crew resupply, and sample capture. One method for reducing risk in orbital rendezvous applications is to design the rendezvous mission elements to minimize the probability of collision if vehicle control is lost during terminal approach operations. This is known as a passively safe rendezvous. READ MORE »

2019: Space Data Products and Services

Michael Stringer
Update of the GOES-R Program and satellites. READ MORE »