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Space Imagination

Certified Space Imagination Product seeks to spread science literacy and space advocacy via website and social media pages.  The mission is to share passion for space, science, and STEM/STEAM education to help inspire and educate the public at large.  A better educated public creates a better future for all generations as humanity begins to travel the solar system and beyond.  There is great enjoyment by being involved in science communication on all fronts, as well as working with collaborators like ‘Science In The Wild’ and ‘I Love Mars Media’ to make citizen-science a more powerful influence in everyday life.

Merchandise, public speaking events, and more to come as the brand expansion finalizes.  As well, a Patreon site has been developed for those that wish to support the goals of StardomSpace.  There is significant interests to shine spotlights on space and science museums, share interviews with space and science experts, as well as creating a YouTube series about average people speaking how space and science motivated them to follow dreams.  StardomSpace’s market will continue to be the burgeoning science enthusiast, especially those that find science and space interesting, but intimidating.

The project was developed through the awe-inspiring subject space and even the whole of science itself.  The founder, Ron Sparkman, was inspired to change his life with science after watching the reboot of Cosmos, and believes that anyone else can do the same.  With proper education through a variety of outlets, the wonders of the natural world can change humanity for the better. shares an easy way for people to be introduced to the world of science with a simple "How-To" guide to the Universe.  Individuals can explore the website more deeply in specific areas of interest including astronomy, online education, science in general, among other subjects.

Science museum reviews share fun ways to be interactive for a science lover, while the interviews inspire people to follow their dreams of someday visiting other planets in the solar system.  These are just a few examples of the areas of information available, for free, on the website.  It is specifically developed for those that want to get more out of their passion for space and science.

Quote from Ron Sparkman, Founder StardomSpace

"While volunteering and attending the 32nd Space Symposium, I was able to see first-hand what the Space Certification program does for these major technologies that are influenced or inspired by the space industry. These products help people in a variety of ways, from air purification to improved sleeping, and I'm excited to share our passion project as a part of the program so we can spread space advocacy and science literacy on a grander scale."