VOSTOK Space Beer

4 Pines Brewing - Vostok Space Beer Stout
4 Pines Brewing - Vostok Space Beer Stout
4 Pines Brewing - Vostok Space Beer Stout
4 Pines Brewing - Vostok Space Beer Stout

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Space Imagination

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4 Pines Brewing Company

The World’s First Beer for Space!

Hi! We’re 4 Pines Brewing Company (beer lovers) and Saber Astronautics (space gurus) from Manly, Australia on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We’ve joined forces and we’re on a mission of galactic proportions. We are destined to go where humanity never has before and create the world’s first beer for space.

Every worthwhile space voyage needs a mission name, and ours is ‘Vostok’. Back in 1961, humanity’s first ever manned space flight was aboard the vessel ‘Vostok’. Yuri Gagarin returned safely home after 90 minutes of flight and became a global legend. Whilst looking down on Earth, the only thing that was missing to toast the occasion was space beer.

So Why Space Beer?

Space Tourism is Imminent:

More recreational space flights have been booked than there have been astronauts in space in the last 57 years. With space tourism a burgeoning reality and hundreds of rejoicing, happy space fans booked on suborbital flights, we wanted to be well prepared. 

Imagine if you were one of these future tourists…

And, well, because beer.

From the dawn of civilisation, humanity brewed beer and wherever we venture, beer follows. Fast forward to today and off the back of those hefty space travel ticket prices, you’d want to be drinking the good beer you drink at home – and if it’s tasting good down here, imagine how it’d be up there, with views of our big blue globe!

We initially set out to create a beer that could be drunk in space and with that achieved, the next step was to develop technology that would allow people to drink the stout, or any liquid for that matter, from a bottle like their fellow land-dwellers.

Two Major Challenges we had to Solve:

     1.  Human Physiology Changes in Zero Gravity: Alcohol absorption by the human body is different. The tongue swells, the senses dull – altering the way food and drink tastes and wet burps (belching both liquid & gas) are a real thing - so we had to re-imagine beer from scratch.

     2.  Liquid needs gravity to pour: The biggest challenge is liquid’s inability to pour in zero gravity. This means that to drink beer from a bottle the same way that you do on Earth, a special space beer bottle needed to be created. It’s basically like making a fuel tank for your beer.

Find out how we solved these challenges here: https://vostokspacebeer.com/about/about-the-beer/

Where are we now?

After successfully creating a flavorful, award-winning beer for space, we’re now in the final stages of testing and developing the technology that will allow space travelers to drink the beer in the same way as we do on Earth. We’re on a mission to make the World’s First Beer for Space become a reality!

Find out how you can join us:

We’re giving one lucky space-beer-loving earthling (that’s you!) the opportunity to win an all expenses Zero Gravity flight, to help us test and develop the world’s first beer for space!*

Find out how you can be a part of the World’s first beer for space: https://vostokspacebeer.com/join-us/

*T&C’s Apply Incl. Consolation Prize Conditions.