Precision Global Positioning System (GPS) Software

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Dr. Yoaz Bar-Sever
Dr. Willy Bertiger
Dr. Michael Heflin
Dr. Kenneth Hurst
Dr. Stephen Lichten
Ronald Muellerschoen
Dr. Frank Webb
Dr. Sien-Chong Wu
Dr. Thomas Yunck
Dr. James Zumberge
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Precision Global Positioning System (GPS) SoftwareIn 1985 NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) began developing software to determine satellite orbits with pinpoint accuracy. This work led to the development of a sophisticated system that incorporates special GPS algorithms and now uses the Internet to deliver information enabling real-time positioning accurate to a few inches anywhere in the world for terrestrial users and for space-borne users in low Earth orbit. The Federal Aviation Administration has adopted JPL's software in their GPS-based navigation system to improve air travel safety for millions of travelers.