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Space Foundation Seeking Artifacts

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

 As the Space Foundation prepares to move to our new headquarters later this year, we are also actively seeking donations of space artifacts and memorabilia for our visitors center.

Located near the entrance to the Garden of the Gods, a popular destination for visitors to Colorado Springs, the Space Foundation's visitor center will also become an attraction for tourists, students, delegations and space professionals.

To help gather items - ranging from models and actual spacecraft to documents to spacesuits to videos and photographs - the Space Foundation has formed a collections committee, chaired by Gayle White of Colorado Aerospace Consultants, LLC, and comprising: Brig. Gen. Russell Anarde, USAF (Retired), Northrop Grumman Corporation's corporate lead executive for Colorado Springs; Col. Arnold Berry, USAF (Retired), senior business development manager for Raytheon Company; Maj. Gen. G. Wesley Clark, USAF (Retired), PARSEC; Margo Hatton, Space Foundation manager - development; Maj. Gen, William Hodgkins, USAF (Retired), director, business development for The Boeing Company; Deborah McCarty, vice president, space programs for Lockheed Martin Corporation; and Chuck Zimkas, Jr., Space Foundation chief operating officer.

The new visitors center will be in the Space Foundation's new headquarters, the acquisition of which was announced in January. It will include:

  • Space systems displays
  • Interactive technology demonstrations
  • Artifacts from space missions
  • Videos of future concepts, past missions and systems development/testing
  • The Space Technology Hall of Fame®, which recognizes space contributions to humankind

To find out more or contribute to the visitors center, contact Margo Hatton at [email protected] or 719-576-8000.

This article is part of Space Watch: April 2011 (Volume: 10, Issue: 4).

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