Global Alliance

Global Alliance facilitates collaboration across the global space ecosystem, connecting commercial, education and government stakeholders for open dialogues and joint programs. Building international partnerships, Global Alliance engages with embassies, dignitaries, consulates, commercial enterprises, government space agencies, educational institutions, think tanks, accelerators, incubators, trade associations and corporate donors around the world. The Global Alliance team opens the door for consulting agreements, program adoption and philanthropic sponsorship for Space Foundation’s primary operating divisions: Center for Innovation and Education and Symposium 365.

Advocating for space exploration and space-inspired industries here on Earth, Global Alliance operates out of Washington D.C., to connect, collaborate and consult regularly with U.S. congressional members and staff, public policy leaders, and space advocacy groups.


Washington, D.C. Operations

The Space Foundation Washington Operations Team conducts a broad range of programs to educate policymakers about the complex space-related topics that must be addressed to ensure that the space industry is well-informed on space policy issues.

We use resources to educate decision-makers and congressional staff on civil, commercial, and critical national security space policy issues. We facilitate and coordinate with officials from government, industry, academia and the international space community. We serve as a trusted source of information and data for these constituents and promote the message that investment in space capabilities benefits all peoples and that America must remain the leader in space.

The Washington, D.C. office of Space Foundation offers unpaid research and government affairs internships to students during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For more information, please visit the Internships page.

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Biweekly Updates

Biweekly Washington, D.C. Updates for the Week Ending November 10, 2022

This Week in Washington This Week in Washington, midterm election results returned slowly, with leadership of the 118th Congress still in the air, NASA’s Artemis 1 launch slipped from November 14th to November 16th, the UN First Committee endorsed the US resolution to ban direct-ascent ASAT weapons testing, and China launched its final space station module.…

Biweekly Washington, D.C. Updates for the Week Ending October 28, 2022

This Week in Washington This Week in Washington, election cycle is in full swing, Congress remains out of session, NASA announced a study on unidentified aerial phenomena, and Lockheed Martin won three additional contracts to provide Orion crew capsules for Artemis Missions VI-VIII. The 38th Space Symposium REGISTRATION NOW LIVE Space Symposium is the premier…

Biweekly Washington, D.C. Updates for the Week Ending October 14, 2022

This Week in Washington Congress is in recess until mid-November, though the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was debated in the Senate this week, the Biden Administration released its National Security Strategy, and NASA continues to hold dates for launching Artemis 1. Space Foundation Events Faga Forum The Faga Forum on Space Intelligence brings together…

Space Foundation Reports, Analyses and Presentations

2019 Space Policy Summary

The Space Policy Review is a summary of the key space policy activities, legislation, and funding during the past year. This document is a new initiative, intended to provide a snapshot of key issues within space policy that are of significant consequence across the space community.  This document serves as a tool for recent policy decisions as…

Congressional Leadership Changes and Implications for the Space Industry

HONORING THE 117TH CONGRESS The midterm election cycle is at its height. Within a few weeks, the space community will know the makeup of the 118th Congress, where the power will lie, and who will likely lead committees in Washington D.C. First, a moment to honor lawmakers who have passed away during the 117th Congress…

Space Policy Pod – Episode 15: (Karl Rodrigues, Australian Space Agency)

December 2, 2020

Episode 15 features Karl Rodrigues, Executive Director for International and National Engagement at the Australian Space Agency. Mr. Rodrigues is…


This Space Briefing Book is a primer and reference guide on the organizations, laws and regulations, technologies, and factors in modern space operations. It is designed to support and inform legislators and staff, journalists, and others whose work holds a nexus to space.

Strategic Operations Team, Washington, D.C.

1700 North Moore Street
Suite 1105
Arlington, VA 22209

  • Thomas Dorame, Vice President - Strategic Operations
  • Megan Wenrich, Manager - Washington, D.C., Operations
  • Elizabeth Anderson, Government Affairs Associate