Interest, Investment, and opportunity in space-related products, services, and solutions have never been hotter. Launch your brand recognition, credibility and sales into orbit, become a Space Certification partner.

Space Certification

Space technology touches and enhances practically every aspect of life on Earth. Much of what improves our lives — think healthcare, communications, travel, recreation, entertainment — benefits directly from technology originally developed for space exploration. Technologies developed to get us "out there" come home to improve life on Earth. Become a Partner — certify your product today!

"Tempur-Pedic is extremely proud of our long-standing relationship with the Space Foundation. Our proprietary, pressure-relieving TEMPUR® material is firmly grounded in the science and technology of NASA and the Space Foundation. Consistent use of the seal has proven to be an excellent strategic marketing decision in terms of distinction and recognition."


Why Get Your Product Certified?

Certified products often set the standard for innovation, comfort, convenience and dependability. Licensed use of the Space Certified seal allows the companies that produce and market these products to tie their business to the excitement of space while helping inform the public of how space exploration directly benefits life on Earth.

Exceptional Benefits

Specific benefits include exclusive licensed use of the Certification Seal in your marketing and communications efforts, a valuable presence on the official Space Certification Program Web site, inclusion in Space Certification Program literature, a presentation plaque for display in your corporate office, joint press release and media support, and listings in advertisements and program books for the Space Symposium, Strategic Space and Defense conference, and other Space Foundation publications.

The official Space Certification Program Seal is a statement that speaks volumes to customers and is often referred to the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval"for the space industry. Through the marketing efforts of the Space Foundation, products with the seal prominently displayed benefit from the synergy of millions of space messages delivered each year. The Space Foundation actively works to support the marketing efforts of each certified partner to promote your company and product in the marketplace.

The Space Foundation—known for its excellent reputation in the national and international space industry—offers your business excellent networking opportunities.

Space Certified Products

The Space Certification Program awards a "seal of approval" to companies whose products and services can demonstrate a viable link to the space program. There are thousands of products and services that incorporate space technology, including satellite television and radio, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, cellular communications, advanced industrial lubricants, robotics, plastics, and a list of life saving medical technologies.

Space Certified Partners

Our Certified Partner Companies receive special recognition for successfully bringing the benefits of space technology to everyday lives on Earth. Certification ties your business to the power, excitement, sciences, and engineering of space exploration and shows your customers how space technology improves their lives on Earth. Application is your first step toward official certification and takes just minutes to complete.

Space Certified Featured Products

Earth and Space Exploration

Mission Spaceflight enables all who are interested in taking steps towards the stars. From participants to “space jacks” (construction workers), to astronaut hopefuls. The first commercial spaceflight training course in the Pacific Northwest opened for enrollment in April 2019. This course will cover further introductory topics such as: pressure suit history, flight physiology, and response…

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Stardom is an online media company that aims to share their passion for space with a wider audience. Founder Ron Sparkman was moved by the Cosmos TV show reboot and decided to work tirelessly to educate himself about space and share his knowledge with the world. He was a volunteer at the Space Foundation Discovery…

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DATO, a SciFi novel by TS Wieland

With a creative eye on the sky above, TS Wieland is a three-time Global E-book Nominee known for his wide variety of unique and classic style of storytelling, bringing a new generation of readers into a whole new world of immersion through writing. Adding on to his ever-growing list of novels, his deep space thrilling…

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Reaching for the Stars musical collection

This is not your typical music CD.  This music is the result of a collaboration between a professional astronomer/musician/songwriter and an accomplished musician/music producer.  The way to enjoy this CD is to sit back in a comfortable chair, grab your favorite beverage, turn up your best CD player, close your eyes and prepare for a…

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Nano-filter Technology

Water Pure Technologies, Inc., designs, manufactures and distributes Specialty Water Filtration Systems and Filters utilizing Nano-fiber Technology. Co-developed by NASA for use on the International Space Station, Nano-fiber filters have the ability to filter at virus level, up to 300 times faster than mechanical (micron) filters. They outperform, and can last up to 25 times…

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Drinker’s Guide to Texas

As publishers of the widely-acclaimed Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado map and Beer, Wine, & Spirit Drinker’s Guide to Colorado guidebook, we are excited to present to you our latest product: The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Texas It’s all-new, a comprehensive map and guide to Texas breweries, brewpubs and brewing operations: 31.5 x 26.75 inches, full-color on both sides,…

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Pure Carbon Products for home, office, car

Carbon Fiber in Space Rocket and space craft need to be able to withstand incredible forces and harsh conditions when traveling to space. That is why they use materials designed specifically for the job. Carbon fiber has become the go-to material for the commercial space craft due to its strength, light weight and durability. This…

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Discovery Dome®

ePlanetarium® offers fully portable digital theaters with true HD (using all the width of 1920 and most of the height), with fulldome movies and zoom-in digital starfields. With support from NASA REASoN and a strong partnership with museums and universities, the excitement of museum-quality shows, presenting a wide range of educational topics, in a state-of-the-art mobile…

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Advanced lubricants and engine treatments

In the mid 1990s NASA discovered an environmental problem with the material that was being used to lubricate the massive track system on the shuttle mobile launch transporter. Not surprisingly the lubricant requirements are rather extraordinary for this transporter. The product has to provide long-lasting and complete lubrication for a moving set of tracks that…

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Millions of infants and adults around the world benefit from nutrition technology that began with space research. In the early 1980s NASA’s Closed Environment Life Support System program explored the use of microalgae as a food supply, oxygen source and waste disposal catalyst on long duration interplanetary missions. Scientists continued work independently after the completion…

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