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Space Certification

Space technology touches and enhances practically every aspect of life on Earth. Much of what improves our lives — think healthcare, communications, travel, recreation, entertainment — benefits directly from technology originally developed for space exploration. Technologies developed to get us "out there" come home to improve life on Earth. Become a Partner — certify your product today!


Interest, Investment, and opportunity in space-related products, services, and solutions have never been hotter. Launch your brand recognition, credibility and sales into orbit, become a Space Certification partner.

BENEFITS OF SPACE CERTIFICATION  Space-derived products are everywhere, and they’re big business. The Space Certification program provides special recognition for the companies that produce and market products and services derived from space technologies. Using the official Space Certification seal provides a marketing edge for partners, demonstrates how space technologies improve life on Earth and makes space more accessible to everyone.

GET CERTIFIED  Space certified products set standards for innovation, comfort, convenience and dependability. Certification allows certified companies to tie their business to the excitement of space while informing the public of how space exploration directly benefits life on Earth. The Space Certification program highlights companies and products in four areas: technologydataeducation, and entertainment. You may apply for certification in any or all areas, as is applicable to your product(s).

"Tempur-Pedic is extremely proud of our long-standing relationship with the Space Foundation. Our proprietary, pressure-relieving TEMPUR® material is firmly grounded in the science and technology of NASA and the Space Foundation. Consistent use of the seal has proven to be an excellent strategic marketing decision in terms of distinction and recognition."


SPACE CERTIFIED PRODUCTS  The Space Certification Program awards a "seal of approval" to companies whose products and services can demonstrate a viable link to the space program. There are thousands of products and services that incorporate space technology, including satellite television and radio, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, cellular communications, advanced industrial lubricants, robotics, plastics, and a list of life saving medical technologies.

SPACE CERTIFIED PARTNERS  Our Certified Partner Companies receive special recognition for successfully bringing the benefits of space technology to everyday lives on Earth. Certification ties your business to the power, excitement, sciences, and engineering of space exploration and shows your customers how space technology improves their lives on Earth. Application is your first step toward official certification and takes just minutes to complete.

Space Certified Featured Product

Certification Category: Space Imagination Products seeks to spread science literacy and space advocacy via website and social media pages.  The mission is to share passion for space, science, and STEM/STEAM education to help inspire and educate the public at large.  A better educated public creates a better future for all generations as humanity begins to travel the solar system and beyond.... READ MORE