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Cool Stuff on the Internet Here are some interesting space-related tidbits from the Internet:

  • James Cameron, director of “Avatar,” the most successful film ever released, talks to MTV about his plan to film on Mars; click here.
  • Cameron has also produced a series of public service announcements spotlighting NASA’s Earth science program’s contributions to environmental awareness and exploration of our home planet; click here.
  • Maybe the “common man” doesn’t really know what’s best; see how popular opinion didn’t actually drive humankind’s greatest accomplishment, click here.
  • A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field and causing geomagnetic activity around the poles, resulting in some of the most dramatic and widespread aurora borealis and aurora australis in recent years. To find out where auroral displays are predicted and to see some great photographs, go to
  • What would you want to hear in space? “Sounds of Silence,” or perhaps you own composition? NASA is sponsoring a contest to submit music for the final Space Shuttle missions. Read more here.
  • NASA and U2 released a commemorative video highlighting a year’s worth of collaboration in space and on the Irish rock band’s 360 Degree tour; click here.


This article is part of Space Watch: September 2010 (Volume: 9, Issue: 9).

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