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Honeywell Funds Robots for Future Lab

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Honeywell Funds Robots for Future Lab A donation from Honeywell is the first step in establishing a new lab at the Space Foundation Discovery Institute in Colorado Springs. The donation, referred to as the “Honeywell Mars Robotic Experience,” will provide robots for a future simulated Martian terrain mission laboratory incorporating student-designed-and-built robots.

The Space Foundation Discovery Institute opened in 2009 at 105 Coleridge Ave., and provides space- and aerospace-themed professional development, training, and support for teachers and students from around the world. It serves as the base location for the Space Foundation’s education programs and houses classrooms, an Educator Resource Center, and the AGI Space Missions Simulator.

“The idea behind this lab is to have students build and learn how to program robots to complete specific missions,” said Space Foundation Director – Education Bryan DeBates. “What will make this experience unique is the Mars Yard in the lab, enabling students to operate their robots as if they were operating robots on the actual red planet.”

The Martian terrain mission lab is scheduled to open in 2011.

To inquire about supporting Space Foundation education programs, please contact Margo Hatton, manager development and education partnerships, at 719.576.8000 or [email protected].


This article is part of Space Watch: September 2010 (Volume: 9, Issue: 9).

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