BodyWave Reads Brain Activity

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BodyWave Reads Brain Activity A Space Foundation Certification Partner has created a new wearable technology that reads brain activity through the human body via an innovative brainwave monitor that attaches to the arm or leg.

BodyWave uses dry sensors that can be easily strapped to the arm or leg to acquire brain signals and transfer them wirelessly to a PC. When used with 3D computer simulations, BodyWave “operates” the computer program by mind alone. As the user begins to pay attention, the simulation activates; if the user’s attention wanes, the simulation stops until full concentration is achieved again.

The direct feedback BodyWave provides about the brain’s cognitive and physiologic state can be used for training for stress control, attention issues and brain performance improvement.

Avatars within the program can act as teachers to provide instruction, or as a surrogate student to participate in lessons or simulations. Avatars, machines or even control panels can be controlled by BodyWave input.

Developed by Freer Logic CEO Peter Freer, BodyWave replaces the sensor-lined helmet that was previously necessary to detect brain signals. It is used with the “Play Attention” technology offered through Space Foundation Certification Partner Unique Logic & Technology.

Freer predicts that in the near future, BodyWave technology will be able to collect brain activity through a wrist strap or device implanted in clothing. Potentially, the program could improve troop safety by sensing soldiers’ mental acuity through uniform implants and relaying the readings back their commander.

The BodyWave system can be purchased for general cognitive enhancement use at and includes the BodyWave unit and full training and access to the PC applications. Freer Logic can also adapt the BodyWave system in “app” form for any specific industry or application for an additional cost.

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This article is part of Space Watch: December 2010 (Volume: 9, Issue: 12).