Report from Washington, D.C.

Space Foundation and APL Hold Space Weather Briefing

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

The Space Foundation and The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, hosted a briefing in Washington, D.C., for congressional staff on space weather and its impacts. Held on February 28, this briefing was part of the Foundation's ongoing efforts to raise awareness of, knowledge about, and support for space-related issues. It featured presentations from a panel of experts who addressed how space weather events can affect strategic satellite assets (like GPS and communications), impact the daily lives of the general public, and how much remains to be discovered in this relatively new field.

The panel consisted of Maj. Herb Keyser, USAF, Space and Intel Weather Exploration; Dr. Louis Lanzerotti, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Center for Solar Terrestrial Research, department of physics; Robie Samanta Roy, Ph.D, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President; and Dr. Lawrence Zanetti, The Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory. Attendees included bipartisan congressional staff along with government and industry representatives from across the space industry.

Pictured: Keyser and Samanta Roy

This article is part of Space Watch: April 2008 (Volume: 7, Issue: 4).

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