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Get your product or service certified by the Space Foundation

Few people realize how many irreplaceable everyday technologies were originally developed as components to space exploration. Ever taken a selfie or used a handheld vacuum? These innovations, originally devised to explore beyond our planet, have ironically taken on important roles in our daily existence here on Earth. Meanwhile, other products are designed to inspire the next great discoveries by encouraging an interest in the cosmos and space science. The Space Certification Program highlights companies and products that promote space technologies and awareness in the following ways:

  • Spinoffs of space technologies—products or services that have been developed by reengineering and evolving preexisting space technologies to satisfy everyday needs.
  • Products that use space technologies—items that directly employ technologies originally developed for space exploration to improve various aspects of our lives.
  • Products that promote space—products that either spark an interest in space-related topics or educate people about space science and exploration.

Companies can apply for certification in four categories: Technology, Data, Educational, and Imagination. Certification may be applied for in any or all of these categories as they apply to your business, product, or service. Descriptions and examples of certified products in each category are:

Types of Certification


Certified Technology Products
Products and services that use scientific knowledge from space-derived technologies in new and different ways to improve our everyday lives.


Certified Data Products 
Products and services that use data collected from space systems or provide data about space and the space industry. An example is the S-Network Space Index, which tracks a portfolio of companies that derive substantial revenue from space-related activities.


Certified Educational Products 
Products or services utilized in educational settings to stimulate interest in and impart knowledge about space. An example is the Play Attention Learning System, a neurocognitive training program used in schools to improve attention, function, and self-regulation.


Certified Imagination Products 
Products that use art, music, and entertainment to stimulate the imaginations of users, and increase interest in space travel and exploration. Examples include, which advocates for science literacy in all age groups, and the adventurous book series Space Boy.

Why Get Your Product Certified?

Certified products often set the standard for innovation, comfort, convenience and dependability. Licensed use of the Space Certified seal allows the companies that produce and market these products to tie their business to the excitement of space while helping inform the public of how space exploration directly benefits life on Earth.

Exceptional Benefits

Specific benefits include exclusive licensed use of the Certification Seal in your marketing and communications efforts, a valuable presence on the official Space Certification Program Web site, inclusion in Space Certification Program literature, a presentation plaque for display in your corporate office, joint press release and media support, and listings in advertisements and program books for the Space Symposium, Strategic Space and Defense conference, and other Space Foundation publications.

The official Space Certification Program Seal is a statement that speaks volumes to customers and is often referred to the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval"for the space industry. Through the marketing efforts of the Space Foundation, products with the seal prominently displayed benefit from the synergy of millions of space messages delivered each year. The Space Foundation actively works to support the marketing efforts of each certified partner to promote your company and product in the marketplace.

The Space Foundation—known for its excellent reputation in the national and international space industry—offers your business excellent networking opportunities.

Category Exclusivity

Category exclusivity is a highly desirable option. Select partners can enjoy the added benefit of exclusivity within a defined product or service market sector. This requires a significant commitment to promote space awareness within your marketing efforts. An annual exclusivity fee, in addition to the certification term fee, is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Category exclusivity also offers your company automatic recognition as a Space Foundation Corporate Patron member through the Premium Certification Visibility Program. This recognition features its own set of benefits and special opportunities.

Please indicate your interest in securing category exclusivity with your application and we will be happy to provide more detail.

Terms and Fees

Your participation is our primary goal. It is also the key to achieving the Space Certification Program goal of providing special recognition for your business and improving public appreciation of the practical benefits of space exploration.

Certification recognition is available for two, three and five year periods. Actual fees are based upon the category or categories for which you apply. Your completed application is the first step toward determining an appropriate fee. We will work with you to ensure that your participation is as affordable as it is beneficial.

All fees sustain the vital efforts of the Space Certification Program and the Space Foundation’s Educational programs which support teachers and PreK-20 students using standards-based curriculum that integrate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) into all content areas.

Investing in educational success plays a critical role in our vision to inspire, educate, connect.


What is the Space Foundation Certification Program?

The Space Certification program recognizes products and services that were originally developed for a space-related endeavor and have now been adapted to improve life here on Earth. Certified Education Products are used in educational environments to stimulate interest and knowledge about space. Space Certification, along with the Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame®, communicate the impact of the space industry through beneficial spin-off technologies. To view our certified products, click here »

How can my business get involved?

Application (below) is your first step toward official certification and takes just minutes to complete. The Space Foundation will review your application for a genuine space connection. Upon approval, we will license you to use the certification seal in your sales and marketing efforts.

Is there a fee to apply for certification?

There is no charge to create an account. However, once your application is submitted there is a $50 non-refundable application fee required per product/service for your application to be considered for approval. Upon approval we will work with you to establish an affordable fee for a two, three or five year Certification agreement licensing you to use the certification seal.

Can the same company register more than one product?

Yes, you may register as many products that qualify.

What is a Certified Corporate Patron?

Partners who make an exclusivity commitment to participate in the Space Certification Program receive special recognition as Space Foundation Certified Corporate Members. Corporate membership benefits include advance notice of special networking events, programs, sponsorships and other business development opportunities. Certified Corporate Members leading executives also enjoy a standing invitation to attend major Space Foundation events, including the annual Space Symposium.

How can I become a Certified Corporate Patron?

For more information to become a Certified Corporate Patron, contact [email protected]

Space Certification Program Application

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