Swigert Society

Space Foundation founders — both friends and colleagues of former NASA Astronaut Jack Swigert— formed Space Foundation as a nonprofit organization in March of 1983; founded, among its other purposes, to honor Swigert’s memory.

We have endeavored to do that, establishing the John L. Jack Swigert Award for Space Exploration in 2004 and dedicating space within Space Foundation Discovery Center in 2014 to him. And now we have another way to carry on this tribute to his legacy.

We are pleased to announce the founding of Space Foundation Swigert Society. Created to bring together folks as passionate about space as Jack Swigert and our founders, it is a group of annual leadership investors. At the giving level of $1,300 or more annually, in remembrance of Apollo 13’s extraordinary mission and crew, you can join us in inspiring the world and future generations to seek challenge, explore the unexplored, and gain a greater understanding of the universe in which we live. Investors in Swigert Society make significant and innovative opportunities a reality by providing funds that jumpstart key efforts where other funding is not always readily available. It allows maximum flexibility to meet needs in real-time and advance efforts toward achieving our mission.

As a member of Swigert Society, you will receive insider updates and communications on the latest happenings in the space industry, a 10% discount on all Space Foundation events and products (including the annual international Space Symposium), an opportunity to network and socialize with other passionate members, and an exclusive lapel pin. In addition to these benefits, you will always receive a year-end report of how your valued dollars were used and the impact they made.

Fifty years ago, Jack Swigert and the entire Apollo 13 team demonstrated that humanity can do whatever it sets its mind to. With your support, we believe that we still can.

NEW: Introducing Swigert Society Young Leaders

Leadership giving program designed for those aged 35 and younger

Invest. Engage. Make a Difference.

Gain valuable connections. Become a stronger leader. Have an impact. Invest in the future of space. Swigert Society Young Leaders are tomorrow’s aerospace, science, technology leaders, and philanthropists.

Leaders understand that giving back to the community and organizations they are passionate about drives innovation and provides us with a greater future. You don’t have to wait until you are well into your career or retirement age to be a leadership investor.

Help make innovative opportunities a reality at just $250 annually, or $21 a month. It is within the reach of budding professionals to become leadership investors. Receive special communications and invitations, an exclusive lapel pin, and discounts on events and products — plus, network with other like-minded members and Swigert Society leadership investors.

Join now and become a part of an emerging group of new leaders.