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How the Space Symposium Supported STEM Field Trips

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The annual Space Symposium got a little brighter this year thanks to many of the attendees! Space Foundation team members were overwhelmed by the support, inspirational messages and stories that were shared at the Space Foundation philanthropy booth during the 32nd Space Symposium.

In an effort to spread awareness about the robust Space Foundation education programs and the importance of philanthropic support, the Space Foundation sold paper stars for $10 apiece. Why $10? That is the cost for a student to take a STEM-focused field trip to the Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs, and discover that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) can be fun.

Registrants, exhibitors and visitors alike stopped by to see us and contribute to launching the next generation of scientists, engineers and technology professionals by buying a star, or two or three. A total of 125 stars were purchased, which will fund four school class field trips to the Space Foundation Discovery Center. Students will be selected from low income and underserved schools that might not otherwise have this opportunity. On behalf of those students and the Space Foundation, thank you!

Not only did every $10 star purchased represent a student’s opportunity for a field trip, but for many of you it served as a way to thank those who inspired your journey, or served as dedication to a child who is yet to begin theirs. Some purchasers left an inspirational message for everyone.

This school year, the Space Foundation will serve more than 15,000 students and teachers in standards-based, hands-on STEM education programs. A quarter of these are low-income and under-represented students who were able to come on the field trip because of scholarship funding.  

Our mantra for the week of Space Symposium was “Buy a star, brighten a future!” Thanks to all of you who participated, this will be the case for four more classes of students who will be inspired to become the next generation of scientists, engineers and technology professionals.

For more information about supporting scholarships, please contact our philanthropy team at [email protected].

This article is part of Space Watch: May 2016 (Volume: 15, Issue: 5).