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MDA Space

Trusted mission partner to the global space industry

Building the space between proven and possible, MDA Space is a trusted mission partner to the global space industry. A robotics, satellite systems and geointelligence pioneer with a 55-year+ story of world firsts and more than 450 missions, MDA Space is a global leader in communications satellites, Earth and space observation, and space exploration and infrastructure.

Building the space between proven and possible, our 3,000 employees globally are pushing boundaries, tackling big challenges, and imagining solutions that inspire and change the world for the better.

Communications Satellites

Building on our decades-long heritage as trusted and tested mission partner for custom-built satellite missions in geostationary orbit, MDA Space is bringing its expertise to new and growing markets for flexible communication systems and services enabled by non-geostationary satellite constellations.

With a new software-defined digital satellite product line, high-volume manufacturing capabilities, and a team of the best innovators and satellite specialists in the world, we are in a global leadership position to support our customers now and into the future.

Space Exploration and Infrastructure

MDA Space has 40 years of mission-tested experience developing, supporting, and operating the iconic Canadarm technology for NASA’s space shuttles and International Space Station. Leveraging our unparalleled space robotics and services leadership, MDA Space is a trusted partner for a growing number of next generation missions.

From new commercial robotics systems, space station operations and maintenance, and space station and rover solutions, to key mission enablers including proximity operations sensors, MDA Space is enabling exploration, science and commerce in Earth’s orbit, deep space, and on the surface of Moon and Mars.

Earth and Space Observation

MDA Space is the trusted partner of industries, organizations, and governments around the world whose missions involve detecting and monitoring changes caused by human and natural activities on and around Earth. MDA Space is one of the largest space-based radar information providers in the world, collecting, processing and distributing imagery from space to customers globally.

Our RADARSAT-2 mission operates under all weather conditions to provide access to near real-time imagery 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To date, our extensive archive houses more than 1.1 million images of the Earth’s surface – totalling 90 billion square kilometres collected over the last decade and a half – and serves as a vast foundation for change detection analytics.