Development of Highly Competitive Liquid Rocket Engines in Time of Space Gold Rush

The competition in the launch industry is getting more tight and dynamic. At these circumstances, the launch vehicle development duration becomes extremely important as well as minimizing launch cost. The engine cost is the most significant fraction of total vehicle cost. One of the potential ways to reduce development duration and cost is through using…

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Overcoming Technical Challenges to Increase Launch Flexibility for SmallSat Customers

Abstract: As the small satellite and launch vehicle industries grow, the market is yearning for greater flexibility to avoid delays that can have lasting impacts on businesses. Due to their relationship with launch vehicle providers and satellite developers, rideshare companies are in a unique position to provide increased flexibility around launches. Rideshare providers can operate…

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Maximizing Launch Opportunities Through Dedicated Rideshare and Flexible Contracts

In 2018, the value of smallsat launches is expected to reach nearly $1.7 billion and, in 2019, that number is expected to grow to $1.95 billion. In fact, the smallsat industry shows no sign of slowing with a projected 13 percent year-over-year growth rate through 2023. The growth in the smallsat industry has created significant…

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