Space-Ground Communications Testbed

Traditional satellite operations focus on ensuring specific individual satellite constellations are optimally performing their missions. The satellite controllers are generally a mix of ground, vehicle, and payload specialists. These types of operators treat constellation issues as system anomalies and are trained to troubleshoot specific issues. The traditional skill set for basic satellite command control may…

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Laser Communications: Capabilities and CONOPs for the Warfighter

The DoD demand for beyond line of site capacity, driven by a more connected tactical environment and explosion in ISR, has continued to grow substantially over the past several decades. While improvements in MILSATCOM and in particular High Capacity COMSATCOM have helped the warfighter’s mission there is still substantial unmet need as there are limits…

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Protected Satellite Command and Control (C2) Waveforms and Enhanced Satellite Resiliency

Satellites that were once safe deep in space grow more vulnerable as adversaries are increasingly displaying both the intent and wherewithal to compromise and cripple space capabilities in their efforts to challenge our strategic advantage.  These vulnerabilities are driving change in military space and countering them requires more resilience, agility, and speed in order to…

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Analysis of Commercial Satcom Alternatives Closing Gaps in National Security Space

The leading commercial Satellite Service Providers are supplying Satcom services with increased network capacity, vastly improved end-user terminal data rates, lower cost of deliver and embedded Cyber security defenses.  Taken together these capabilities promise to close many of the operational gaps in National Security Space before the deployment of the Space Enterprise Vision/Space Warfighter Construct.…

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