Quantitative analysis of cyber risk: how do we best manage it?

Quantitative analysis cyber risk, based on the probability and consequences of different types of attacks, allows rational allocation of risk management resources. I will briefly present the method and five illustrative vignettes, including a statistical analysis of 60,000 cyber incidents (funded by NASA), the optimization of the level of connectivity in a network (illustrated by…

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Resilient, Scalable, Secure, Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) of the Future

Previous satellite ground architectures were custom designed for each satellite system. This methodology is typically called stove-piped architecture. Although there may have been valid reasons in the past for custom design of every satellite ground system, the newer trend is to design enterprise ground services (EGS), resulting in a common services infrastructure. An EGS takes…

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Thinking Outside the Cube

Small satellites have become attractive tools for diverse space mission applications. Groups of small satellites are well placed to address applications that require global coverage or high temporal resolution, which cannot be achieved with an individual satellite. CubeSat standard formats and interfaces have made it easier to develop small spacecraft, and encouraged the creation of…

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Selling Water Sourced in Space? You Still Owe Taxes to Uncle Sam.

This paper gives insight into what businesses and governments should expect as we enter the age of space commercialization. Because wherever profits are found, taxes are sure to follow! Investors, entrepreneurs and governments should be interested in knowing what the expected after-tax proceeds of investing in space will be. This knowledge helps better assess the…

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Cislunar Economy and ACES

CisLunar-1000 is a vision for 1000 people living and working in space 30 years from now. The Moon and the cislunar economy are on the horizon for human development. How do we get there and what do we do once we’re there are the major questions the space industry is asking. United Launch Alliance (ULA)…

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