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Categories: 2019, Mission Assurance

Additive manufacturing travels into space: Transforming business models with next-generation production

3D printing is impacting aerospace manufacturing by shaping the next generation of production; it’s improving operational efficiency through rapid design iterations, cost-effective and low volume production, and integrated design-to-production workflows. Powering more efficient manufacturing today, 3D printing also creates a framework for transforming business models by accelerating innovation and simplifying manufacturing supply chains. During this session, we’ll explore how noted leaders in aerospace are capitalizing on 3D printing to address unique requirements for large, lightweight parts with repeatable mechanical properties. We’ll highlight how Lockheed Martin Space is using 3D printing to deliver next-generation parts for NASA’s Orion spacecraft. Orion, the spacecraft for two exploration missions, will incorporate more than 100 3D printed production parts, using some of Stratasys’ most advanced materials to meet NASA’s demanding heat and chemical-resistance requirements, while also withstanding high mechanical loads in deep space. This session will showcase how next-generation manufacturing is happening now via 3D printing, changing how aerospace parts are built.