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Categories: 2019, Future Space

Astroscale: Developing a Comprehensive Solution for Space Debris Removal

Expected decreases in costs for launch services and satellite manufacturing are leading to a proliferation of new players in the space industry and democratization of activities in low Earth orbit (LEO). This increase in the number of satellites will necessitate new and creative thinking to monitor and regulate an already congested, contested and competitive orbital environment. Astroscale is one of the few companies in the world proposing to aid in the removal of orbital debris through the provision of End of Life (EOL) and Active Debris Removal (ADR) services. From a technical perspective, Astroscale is currently building its first debris removal technology demonstration mission, End-of-Life Services by Astroscale – demonstration (ELSA-d), which is scheduled to launch in early 2020. ELSA-d will demonstrate the technologies necessary to safely remove defunct satellites and large rocket bodies posing a threat to the orbital environment. Astroscale also is talking with commercial satellite operators as it leads the definition of a business case for debris removal in low-Earth orbit. Finally, Astroscale is working with national governments and in a variety of intergovernmental fora in discussing the regulatory environment for orbital debris removal. As one of the only private companies actively involved in the technical, policy and business case aspects of orbital debris removal, Astroscale is on the cutting edge of the new innovations in space.


Author: Christopher Blackerby
Topic: Future Space

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