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Categories: 2016, Architecture and Systems

Commercial Space Transportation and Air Traffic Insertion

Commercial Space Transportation becomes an international business and requires landing opportunities all over the world. Hence the integration of space vehicles in other airspace than the US NAS is an important topic to be considered. The Single European Sky ATM Research Programme (SESAR) is preparing the implementation of a new ATM system in Europe. The requirements are defined by the concept of the shared Business Trajectory and System Wide Information Management (SWIM). Space vehicle operations are associated with the requested need for submitting an Mishap Investigation Plan (MIP), containing responding and reporting procedures referring to possible reentry or launch incidents or accidents. This leads to the submission of an Emergency Response Plan (ERP), addressing information procedures about a planned Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) mission of the airspace alerting and emergency services in the areas of Emergency Detection and Emergency Response Organization. This paper describes the integration of the above mentioned services in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) information exchange concept of SWIM. It proposes an implementation concept via the world wide use of Remote Tower Operations (RTO) for surveillance of safe landings at spaceports far away from the launch/start site. The concept will allow commercial alternatives to be integrated into the business of trans-atlantic US-European flight missions.


Author: Jürgen Drescher
Topic: Architecture and Systems