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Categories: 2016, Architecture and Systems

Developing an Adaptive OPIR Exploitation Framework

The OPIR community is face-to-face with the challenge of supporting a rapidly changing Battlespace Awareness (BA) mission landscape.  Increasing data accuracy and timely data feeds are providing critical real-time information and as a result, exploiting OPIR-based sensor data have become even more critical to the warfighter.  While steeped in the missile warning culture that demands perfection, the OPIR community must establish adaptive processes for innovating in a rapidly changing world that requires accelerated capability deployment.  This paper will propose a modular, layered framework to support the multi-mission, multi-sensor Joint OPIR Exploitation Center (JBAC). The framework components will allow for the integration of new applications through standards and open systems-based design and also serve as platforms for exploitation pathfinders and prototyping initiatives.  This approach will leverage open architecture and advance the environment to seamlessly accept third party applications while supporting a logical transition path from Research and Development to Operations. For examples, these potential applications may include: fusing data from multiple sensors including HUMINT, GEOINT, SIGINT, MASINT and OSINT; searching/tracking specific targets, including geologic phenomena and wildfires; enhancing operator battlespace visualization; augmenting weather forecasting; developing/gaming satellite command and control courses of action; and tipping and cueing for multiple systems/customers to enable concepts such as Activity Based Intelligence. This framework must be based on an infrastructure that takes advantage of new technologies coming from the rapid adoption of cloud computing and open-source principles as well as other industry best of breed innovations.  Sustainment initiatives must be built around the insertion of dynamically provisioned environments to quickly ingest and provide data to incoming applications. Additionally, the framework must enable multi-mission integration through automation. The adaptive OPIR exploitation framework provides a robust, secure environment allowing the community to rapidly insert exploitation initiatives and address challenging JBAC’s operational needs


Author: Tom Walker
Topic: Architecture and Systems