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Categories: 2019, Mission Assurance

Growing VEGGIE

Scope Statement: Florikan is a proud partner with NASA’s VEGGIE program, and in this presentation we will take guests through a quick tour of the current plant growth systems on the International Space Station, and our part within it. We will then expound on how our technologies aides the growth of plants in microgravity, what products are used, the benefits of fresh crops in space, results of current experiments; and how our products are used on Earth today. Presentation Outline: ? The Task at Hand – Definition of “Mission Assurance” – Goal of VEGGIE ? Elements of the System – Advanced Plant Habitat chamber – Blue and red wavelength led light – Silica clay/aricilite media – Plant pillows, root mats ? How does CRF fit? – Consistent nutrient release over time – Low weight for years of fertility ? How does CRF work? – Tortured path ? Reasons for Selection – Superior product – Solution driven innovator, honesty and credibility – Previous history of work with NASA ? Products Selected – FlorikanCRF TOTAL w/Nutricote 18-6-8 – FlorikanCRF TOTAL-Z w/Nutricote 14-4-14 – FlorikanCRF NPK MAX w/NANO ? Initial Success -Veg 01,02,03,04,05 ? Documented Benefits – Veggies in the space diet – Space farming’s physiological benefits – Usage on long duration spaceflight (i.e. Mars) ? Beyond the Mission – Space to ground as a “Spin Off”


Author: Ed Rosenthal
Topic: Mission Assurance

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