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Categories: 2019, Space Policy

National Security Space governance employing Hybrid Adaptive Networking for ensured Satcom Access in Global Response Operations

Deployed Global response teams have limited access to terrestrial and LOS communication networks, necessitating access to Satcom for timely information and response. Traditionally, National Security Space governance of Satcom supporting these missions has been dispersed among AFSPC, DISA, ARSTRAT, and RSSCs for Space and Networking and Services for terminals and platform integration. Recently, a new model emerged with Warfighter units procuring Transport Network Satcom access directly via Service level Agreement (SLA) contracts. Governance in this new model is between the warfighter unit and their Satcom Access provider.

This paper outlines these governance models and presents a means to incorporate them into a NSS structure based on a unified Space Command responsible for delivery of ensured Space Effects in benign and threatened environments, protection and defense of Space systems, and continued preservation of Space as a business domain.

This paper describes how existing and emerging technologies can be leveraged into NSS governance and operations enabling warfighters ensured access to the latest information, resources and experts that can aide in their efforts. This paper provides a framework and network architecture for improving connectivity with layers of enterprise hybrid networks by enabling the dissemination of data through multi-network terminals and Wi-Fi hotspots. We describe a network architecture and governance structure that ensures communication is available to global response teams, leveraging multiple existing and future satellite networks, to provide layered assurance and resilience, and ensuring continuous access to resources that improves overall effectiveness of their mission or deployment.

NSS governance of hybrid networking offers enhanced availability to mobile and fixed users by employing multiple disparate satellite networks that maximize connectivity options in any environment or situation throughout the world. The paper concludes with governance and acquisition solution for a robust network to optimize availability and performance available to individuals and teams throughout the world.



Author: Richard VanderMeulen
Topic: Space Policy

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