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Satellite Servicing – the key to a new operating paradigm in orbit

A robotics enabled spacecraft for servicing satellites is being prepared for permanent residence in GEO in 2021. Outfitted with agile maneuvering for safe rendezvous with operating or tumbling assets, a vast reserve of propellant to run many service calls anywhere near GEO, and a suite of next generation dexterous robotics, a versatile robotic servicing spacecraft enables a new operating paradigm for on-orbit assets – one that includes preventative maintenance, anomaly resolution, incremental growth, and payload refresh to match user needs, all on a user defined timeline. The Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites (RSGS) Mission, developed as a Public Private Partnership between SSL and DARPA is on track to fly in 2021. Adaptable and responsive, the RSGS Servicing Vehicle (RSV) and its suite of robotic tools is purposely designed to handle both emergency and scheduled activities for satellites that have not been designed for servicing. The supervised autonomous operating concept facilitates command and control from a secure Mission Operations Center connected to a global network of Earth stations for support anywhere around the arc. When needed, a teleoperations mode stands by to resolve difficult anomaly situations – bringing the expert technician to the worksite. The RSV represents the first commercialized robotic satellite servicing system – reliable, responsive and accessible to fleet operators. Satellite servicing opens a range of new opportunities for space operations and architectures. In addition to resolving anomalous deployments or rescuing stranded satellites, the multipurpose servicer can extend the life of satellites, perform strategic relocations, install new payloads and facilitate a new satellite platform architecture that includes incremental growth, refreshable payloads and in-space warehousing.


Author: Al Tadros
Topic: Mission Space

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